Thursday, November 2, 2017

Two More Pet Peeves

Wow, November already. Christmas will be here soon.

Back to the 30-day blogging challenge. Today's prompt: "Your Top Five Pet Peeves."

Well, I did three here. So I guess I only need two more.

Number Four: People who post stupid stuff on Facebook that if they took a moment to think about it, they would know it's not accurate. For example, it seems every six months or so this thing goes around about posting something will protect your privacy on Facebook. Or something. I never read it.

This seems to have abated lately and instead there's tons of Fake News. Whenever I see something on FB that claims to be news, I check the source. If it isn't a source I trust (mostly major news organizations), I dismiss it. And it swings from far left to far right.

Number Five: I do a fair amount of book signings. And people will come up to you, pick up a book, and flip through nearly all the pages. I have no idea why. But I tell them, "Yes, there's print on every page." Because what else are they looking for? I know some folks are looking to see how big the font is, but you don't have to look at every damn page to do that.

Or kids with dirty hands will come up and I say, "Please don't touch the books" in an authoritative voice and...they touch the books.

So there's two more pet peeves in addition to the three I did earlier. What are your pet peeves?

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