Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Three Pet Peeves

And we're back with the 30 day blogging challenge that I'm doing once per week.

Today's topic: three pet peeves.

Only three?

Okay, here goes:

Number one: slow drivers. The driver who is doing five miles an hour (or more) under the speed limit for no apparent reason. Sometimes in the left lane. Sometimes passing a truck so no one can get around them. Just the other day I was in a hurry and I got caught behind a pickup truck doing 25 mph in a 35 mph zone. To top it off, he made the green light but I didn't. If he'd been going at least the speed limit, we both could have made it.

Number two: Blatantly bad grammar in writing. You see this all over Facebook: "to" instead of "too"; "your" (or "ur") instead of "you're"; confusing "their," "there," and "they're." Typos I can understand (I do it all the time) but just not apparently caring is what drives me nuts.

Number three: Confusing "bring" and "take." This one drives me so nuts I did a blog post on it. Basically, if you're going you're taking, if you're coming, you're bringing. As I grew up in Idaho, no one got this wrong. I moved to Washington State and everybody gets it wrong.

So what are your pet peeves?

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