Thursday, October 5, 2017

Self Censoring

Years and years and years ago (okay, 1994) I took a community education class on the internet. It concentrated on Usenet (is that still a thing?) as back then that was the most active part of the internet. They also talked a bit about the World Wide Web (www) and introduced the Internet Movie Database (yes, it existed way back then, it was one of the very early parts of the World Wide Web).

But the instructors said something that has stuck with me. They said, "Don't put anything on the internet that you wouldn't put on a public bulletin board." (They meant the flat board made of wood or cork that you would tack papers on and people read as they walk by.) What they didn't say, probably because no one realized it at the time, is that what you put on the Internet is there forever. Even if you manage to delete it.

This is why on all social media, I self-censor. I don't post very personal things such as personal drama. Because who needs to do that? And who needs to read that. I have friends to talk to (or in one case, text to) about that.

Some of the stuff I see on Facebook and Twitter just amazes me. Don't these people realize what they post is forever? And on this blog I censor myself. I never get too personal. I hope. And I don't discuss politics on this blog (but if you read between the lines, you might figure out where my loyalties lie).

Do you censor what you post online? Or do you let it "all hang out"? Let me know in the comments.

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