Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Best Friend

I found a new blogging challenge and this one is a 52-week challenge so that should last me about a year (depending on how many I skip).

The first prompt is "Meet my best friend."

This might sound a bit unusual, but my best friend is probably Sarah. Sarah lives in Eastern Canada (and I live in Western U.S.). We communicate mostly via text, sometimes emails. We've met twice face to face when she was visiting a friend of hers in the U.S. not far from where I live.

Sarah is a walking dictionary. If I needed to know how to spell a word, I text her. She has proofread all my novels (and needs to get on the one I sent her quite a while ago).

Sarah is a Jeopardy! freak. She does the test online whenever she can and has twice advanced to auditions. They always say "we'll call you if we want you" at the end and they've never called her. When she watches the show, she gets frustrated when someone does poorly, wondering why they selected them and not her.

She used to have a blog but doesn't anymore.

And that's my best friend. Do you have a best friend?

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