Thursday, October 19, 2017

My Online Life

I found another 30-day blogging challenge that seems to have different questions than the usual. At least some of them. So once a week I'll do one of the questions (if it's new and if it's not too personal).

Today's question is: "The difference between your personal and internet life."

I discussed that a little bit in this blog post from a few weeks ago.

It sort of depends on what internet life. On my personal Facebook page (sorry not going to link to it) I'm less professional and more cordial. I'll occasionally discuss politics which I don't anywhere else.  (I stopped doing politics on Facebook regularly in March of 2017.) I'll post personal stuff if it's not too personal (I don't post drama). On my Facebook author page, on Twitter, and on this blog, I try to be professional and not too personal and I never blatantly discuss politics as I used to on FB.

In my personal life, most everyone I know knows my politics (I'm not shy about it). I will talk with friends about personal things, depending on how close of friends they are.

What won't you do on the internet? Comment below.

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