Saturday, October 28, 2017

Weekend College Football Preview

All twelve teams in the Pac-12 play this weekend (no one has a bye). Things might be a little clearer in the Pac-12 standings after this weekend.

Stanford (#20 in the AP poll) played Oregon State Thursday night (yeah, weird) but barely won 15-14. It looks like Stanford made 5 field goals and never got a touchdown (unless they missed a PAT or went for a two-point conversion and didn't get it). That brings the Cardinal (it's a color) to 6-2 overall and 5-1 in conference. Because Stanford had a bye last week, they have only played eight games so far. But that tight game with Oregon State (who have only won one game this season against Portland State, an FCS team) might knock them down in the polls come Sunday.

Washington (#12 in the AP poll) had a bye last week, too, so the Huskies will have only played eight games after this weekend. They face UCLA at home. UCLA is 2-2 in conference and 4-3 overall (meaning they lost one of their non-conference games). The Huskies (6-1 overall, 3-1 in conference), at home, should have no problem beating them. Of course, that's what I said about the Arizona State game two weeks ago.

Washington State (#15 in the AP poll) faces Arizona in a game that has implications in both the Pac-12 North and the Pac-12 South. If WSU wins, they will still be in the running for the Pac-12 North championship (along with UW and Stanford). If Arizona wins, they will still be in the running for the Pac-12 South championship. That game is a home game for Arizona, and they are tough to beat at home.

USC (#21 in the AP poll) lost to Notre Dame last week putting them at 6-2 overall (4-1 in conference). They are still on top of the Pac-12 South but Arizona (5-2 overall, 3-1 in conference) is not far behind depending on the outcome of their game with WSU. If Arizona loses, USC will probably win the Pac-12 South.

The one bad thing is about this week: UW finally has a game at a decent time today of 12:30 PM. But I'm in a meeting out of town until 2:15 PM. I'll DVR (I hope) the game and watch it when I get home. Have to avoid social media until I'm done watching the game. Go Dawgs!

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