Friday, June 30, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Mary Louise Davie and Vance Huxley

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are please to welcome writers Mary Louise Davie and Vance Huxley.

Mary Louise Davie
Mary Louise Davie

Mary Louise Davie brings to her writing and presentations her quick wit and humor - making the subject matter - be it a science fiction adventure out in deep space with the characters facing black hole V4641 Sgr or a NASA presentation with NASA taking on the Galaxy, quite literally. It is a part of her view on life - laugh a little no matter what and then marvel at the beauty of the sky, the planets and dream of what it would be like to be there.

Ms Davie suffered several strokes which left her on Disability for a time. Unable to walk and after re-teaching herself much, rather than go stir crazy, she wrote and wrote. The first of the three books came out of that time.

Having been a Chemist and later an IT person, but always having written, Mary Louise now is an author and presenter full time.

Mary's Books:

Sanacion II: We Are the Aliens

Sanacion III: Remnants of the Done

Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To See

Mary's Links:


Vance Huxley
Vance Huxley

At 70  I’m a mossy stone, a rolling stone that had to stop moving at 54, after living at 27 addresses . I’ve worked as a building labourer, taxi driver, accountant, engineering workshop manager, shop assistant and a graphic artist, and a lot of other things in between.  I never had a profession, unless dog walker or avid reader is included?

My joints, eyes and spine all began to act up, until even walking the dog involves an electric mobility scooter. I ended up sat in front of a computer screen, looking for something to occupy me because my eyes can’t deal with TV, or any moving pictures. I tried poetry but the poems became too long, so I wrote short stories. The stories grew until I’d written nearly three million words split into book titles. They weren’t readable books, so I spent a solid year working with an editor to iron out some of my bad habits.

I sent a few for Beta reading to see how I was doing, and in September 2015 Entrada offered me a publishing contract. They’ve accepted all seven so far. The rest of those words (and some new ones) still need correcting and organising so retirement has been postponed.

Vance's Books:

Fall of the Cities III – Branching Out 

Shattered Stars I – Breach of Contract

The Forest and the Farm

Vance's Links:


From Today's Program: A Commercial Private Space Station Planned.

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