Thursday, June 15, 2017


Time once again for the 52-week blogging challenge. Today's' prompt is "Ten Things on My Bucket List." Unfortunately, due to health issues, my bucket list has pretty much been cut back to "Staying alive long enough to meet my grandchildren (who aren't born yet)." So let's go to the next prompt which is "My Biggest Accomplishment."

Well, that's easy: becoming a published author, both in fiction novels and in freelance writing. I've also sold short stories that have been published. I've wanted two things out of my writing: 1) To be paid for it and 2) to be read by strangers. Not friends, not relatives, but strangers. And I've achieved both of those.

And I've been both published by a small press house and I've self-published. I tried for 30 years to get published and it finally happened in 2010 with the publication of my first novel,  Hammer of Thor by World Castle Publishing. And since then I've published more books, short stories, freelance assignments, and even wrote the narration for a documentary (that was hard).
published somehow.

So what is your biggest accomplishment? Comment below.

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