Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Brain

Back to the 30-day blogging challenge that I'm doing in 30 or so weeks.

Today's prompt is: "Something you miss."

As you get older, you end up missing a lot of things. I mostly miss my young brain. My brain used to be able to hold facts and figures like a steel trap. I rarely had to study in school because I remembered everything. Or I'd simply read through my notes again and that would refresh my memory enough to ace the test (this assumes the test wasn't one of those awful engineering tests with lots of calculations).

Even in my early 30s, when I took engineering classes in college, my brain worked pretty well. Not as well as in the my 20s, but a lot better than it does now. I was always amazed at people who had to write down test dates and due dates as I could just carry all that in my head with perfect accuracy. As I got into my 40s, I still tried to do that but I would forget things or forget dates. I started using a calendar, first on paper, then on the computer.

Now in my mid-50s, my brain still works pretty well. But I'm not nearly as able to remember things as I could in my 20s and 30s.

When I lived in Seattle in my 20s, and I would drive the busy freeways, I would have a mental picture in my mind of where ever car around me was. And I'd update it ever few seconds by checking my mirrors, So I'd know if I car had sneaked into my blind spots. I can still do that, but only in low-traffic situations. And it annoys me.

So I miss my young brain.

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