Sunday, August 21, 2016

Huskies are Ranked in AP Poll

The Associated Press (AP) poll of college football teams (I believe they poll sports writers where the USA Today Poll is coaches, I think) came out today. The AP poll is the older are more prestigious of the polls. It's also the one used to determine which teams go to the BCS playoffs.

And in the AP poll, the University of Washington Huskies are ranked #14. They are the second highest Pac-12 team ranked, after Stanford (8). They are ranked higher than UCLA (16), USC (20), and Huskies' rival in the Pac-12 North, the Oregon (Nike) Ducks (24).

The Washington State Cougars aren't ranked in the top 25. They did receive enough votes to be #29 if the poll went that far. Also Utah would be #28.

So obviously Stanford is the team to beat this year.

The season starts September 3rd with a home game against Rutgers. I'm really looking forward to the start of college football.

It's been along slog since the early 2000s when the Huskies were dominate and won a national championship. We've gone through horrible coaches and the Pac-12's only 0-12 season. But now, with Coach Chris Petersen in his third year, it's coming together. We might even beat the hated Ducks, which we haven't since 2004.

Go Dawgs!

UPDATE: Huskies haven't been ranked this high pre-season since 2003 (which is also the last year they beat the Oregon Ducks).

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