Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five Things I Fear

Back to the 30-day blogging challenge (that I'm doing in 30 or so weeks). Today's topic is "Five Things that I Fear."

Well, other than venomous spiders and snakes, there are things I fear. I wrote the following on my old blog in 2009 and it just happens to have five things that I still fear:

1) Government: One only has to look at hell holes like Zimbabwe or North Korea to see how government can make humanity miserable.  And the more power we give to government, the more power it will have to make our lives nasty, brutish, and likely short (socialized medicine).  I believe this is the most likely threat to mankind as too many people see government as benevolent and wish to give it more and more power.  Probability: High

2) World-wide Caliphate: Since the West is showing less and less resolve in standing up to radical Islam, we could find ourselves living under Sharia law (as is happening more and more in Britain).  Even most Muslims don't want what the radical Taliban/Bin Ladin arm of Islam wants.  But fewer and fewer have the courage to stand up to it. Probability: Medium

3) Disease: Some nasty, fatal, easily spreadable version of, oh, Ebola for example, develops from random mutations and spreads quickly across the globe killing most if not all human.  And you need a certain critical mass to maintain our civilization so any survivors will be thrown back into the stone age.  Probability: Low

4) Cosmic event: Asteroid or comet hits the Earth, wiping out most if not all humans. Or a nearby gamma ray burster fries the planet wiping out all life.  Probability: Very Low

5) Geological event: The supervolcano at Yellowstone erupts plunging the planet into volcanic winter and dumping many feet of ash over most of North America.  Or some other geological (probably volcanic) event.   Probability: Very Low

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