Thursday, August 11, 2016

Huskies are Ranked!

The USA Today preseason college football poll came out a while back. While not as prestigious as the AP college ranking (and not used for BCS playoffs), it can give an indication of where teams will be approximately in the AP poll.

And the University of Washington Huskies are ranked! They are even ranked higher than the University of Nike Ducks. The Huskies are #18 and the Ducks are #22. (You may remember that I loath the Ducks.)

The Huskies are the third team in the Pac-12 ranked, with the Stanford Cardinal (it's a color) at #7 and USC Trojans (not condoms) at #17 (right above the Huskies).

The buzz is pretty good surrounding the Huskies going into their third year with Coach Chris Petersen.

Oh, and have I mentioned how happy I was that Steve Sarkisian's drinking problem came to a head at USC, not when he coached the Huskies? All in all, I'd say trading Sarkisian for Petersen was a great move.

When the AP poll comes out, if Washington is ranked (and they probably will be), I'll post again. College football starts September 3rd. I can hardly wait.

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