Thursday, January 17, 2013


I don't go to the movie theater a lot.  Last movie I saw in the theater was The Hobbit in late December but before that it was February 2012 and before that was April 2011 and before that it was 2003, I think (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King).  I do most of my movie watching at home using Netflix (don't get me started on dealing with Netflix).  So I just last night got to see Tim Burton's animated film Frankenweenie.  And I highly recommend it.  It was nearly perfect with wonderful style and great direction.  Even when I thought they were going to do a cheap rip-off of Jurassic Park, they didn't.  It was clever, original, and well made.  And laugh-out-loud funny.  Only two things die (well, that aren't already dead).  The ending maybe be a bit scary and intense for younger kids (like under 12).

Another movie that was (surprisingly) laugh-out-loud funny was Ted.  Definitely not for children but very funny.  Most "comedies" the jokes are either lame or I can see them coming a mile away.  Not so with Ted.

But I digress.  If you want a fun time that your teenagers can watch and enjoy with you, then Frankenweenie is a good choice.  And if you like stylized movies where every frame seems to be a piece of artwork, then Frankenweenie is also a good choice.

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