Thursday, January 31, 2013

Apple Users Like Me (They Really Like Me)

I find this very interesting.  According to this website, 78% of personal computers run Windows while just 3.7% are Apple Macs. (No idea what the remaining 18.3% are, can't all be Linux I would think).  So when I look at the statistics for this blog, I see this interesting pattern:
That's 59% of my lifetime page views are from Macs, 24% from Windows, and 3% from iPhones (with the rest other various systems; I wonder who the four BlackBerrys were).

Maybe artistic people are more likely to use Macs and more likely to come to this blog.  Maybe I have fans who have Macs.  Maybe the sample size is too small and it's a statistical aberration (seems unlikely with n>2,500).  Maybe I should ask my cousin who's a statistics graduate student to ponder the significance of that.

Oh, and just to let you know, I use a PC (Dell laptop) but have an iPhone, so I have divided loyalties.

Bonus points for figuring out the allusion in this post's title.

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