Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold but Clear Day for a Drive

Today where I live it is cold by clear.  The sun is shining and, best of all, the roads are bare and dry.  So I took this opportunity to get out my fun car and drive it.  I accidentally hit 90 pulling onto the interstate (hey, I haven't driven it for over a month; I forgot how powerful it is).  Feels good to be able to drive without being paranoid about how slick it might be or might become.

I remember one time a few years ago I was driving to Seattle (over Snoqualmie Pass) in the winter and the roads had snow on them but were not too bad.  Then I saw flashing lights ahead of me so I slowed way down.  And sure enough, for about a mile, the road was sheet ice.  The flashing lights were cops and emergency vehicles that were there due to the accidents that already happened.  But what if you were the first person to some across that ice?  You'd probably end up in the ditch (if you were lucky).

So driving today with no fear of ice (even though temps were about 36) was so nice.  And it was nice to drive my fast car which has sat in the garage for over a month.

The picture above was taken by my wife as I drove down the interstate today.

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