Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Television Review: The Punisher

Yesterday I finished watching all thirteen episodes of The Punisher on Netflix.

The Punisher is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that is shown on Netflix as a series. This same character was in Daredevil season 2 and Karen Page, also from Daredevil, was in this series as well. Unlike other Netflix MCU shows, there were no references to other shows nor "the incident" (what happened in the first Avengers movie in New York City).

Frank Castle, who is the Punisher, has no supernatural talents except maybe the ability to recover unrealistically quick from wounds that would kill lesser men. He's good with guns and with his fists, and that's it.

Castle is seeking revenge for this murdered family (and I swear, the wife, shown is flashbacks, is different from the wife, shown in flashbacks, than was in Daredevil season two). In Daredevil, he blames mobsters and starts killing a lot of them. In The Punisher he finds out it wasn't mobsters, but rouge elements in U.S. Intelligence.

I had to push myself to watch this, even more so than Iron Fist. The violence was often gratuitously gory, especially in the last two episodes. It almost verges on torture porn (movies such as Saw), and I don't watch that. One episode will have action, and the next one would be boring. Often times the action is reminiscent of a first person shooter video game, it's so violent and there are so many targets. And as I mentioned, his ability to heal or survive damage stretches credibility to the breaking point. Maybe that is his superpower.

Since this doesn't add anything to the Netflix/Marvel canon, one could easily skip it.

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