Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Greatest Weakness

Back to the 52-week blogging challenge (we're getting close to the end). This week's prompt is "My Greatest Weakness."

We all have weaknesses. I have little self-control around foods I like. I like to drive fast. I don't multi-task well.

But what's my greatest weakness?

Last week I talked about how extremely shy I am. And I'm going to stick with that as my greatest weakness. But the good news is, I've mostly overcome it except in group settings where I don't know everyone.

But it used to be miserable. I wouldn't talk to people at all for fear of rejection (which is what I think shyness is: fear of rejection). I could barely function as a human when I was in my teens.

And I'm still shy. I just worked hard to overcome it like I said last week. But when I have to call a stranger on the phone and ask for an interview, I have to screw up my courage. Every time. It's very difficult for me. I don't make friends easily and usually have very few.

What do you consider your greatest weakness? Comment below! Let's talk.

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