Friday, August 11, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Mark J. Engels and R.L. Akers

Today one the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are pleased to welcome writers Mark J. Engels and R.L. Akers.

Mark J.Engels
Mark J. Engels

Boyhood interests in trains and electronics fostered Mark’s career as an electrical engineer, designing and commissioning signal and communications systems for railroads and rail transit agencies across the United States. Along the way he indulged his writing desire by authoring articles for rail and transit industry trade magazines. Coupled with his long-time membership in anime, manga and anthropomorphic fandoms he took up writing genre fiction. Growing up in Michigan, never far from his beloved Great Lakes, Mark and his wife make their home today in Wisconsin with their son and a dog who naps beside him as he writes.

Mark is a member of Allied Authors of Wisconsin, one of the state's oldest writing collectives.

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R.L. Akers
R.L. Akers

R.L. Akers loves stories. He loves hearing them, loves telling them, loves embellishing them, and loves forging them from raw materials. He is convinced that every person who ever lived has an interesting story, and he's only met one person in his life who came close to proving otherwise.

Holder of an undergraduate degree in computer science and a master's degree in business administration, Akers has worked in software development as well as non-profit fundraising and publicity. His love for children has led him in the past to be a foster parent and a coordinator of the K-5 ministry at his church, and he currently invests time each week in the lives of local high schoolers. His interests include graphic design, orchestral movie soundtracks, and anything remotely creative.

Akers lives in West Virginia with his wife and the four children he loves most in this world. Visit Akers online at his blog,, where you can find short stories and information about upcoming novels. Make sure you also check out,, and

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