Friday, August 25, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Douglas Robinson and Joshua Gayou

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are pleased to welcome writers Douglas Robinson and Joshua Gayou.

Douglas Robinson

Writer of Silently book Series.  He also has a book publishing company Silently Publishing

Robinson is a Christian; he received Baptism in Bible College.  Robinson became obsessed with vampires; the thought of someone being a vampire or becoming one troubled him greatly.  He set out to learn everything there is about vampires and then began to pray for their souls.  He began writing these storylines because he cares what happens to them and what happens to you when you find out people like this really exist.

Robinson changed the spelling of Vampire to Vampyre in order to change the perception between a real life vampire and a fictional one.  Vampyric people are physically changed blood-drinking human predators.

Douglas's Books:

Silently Comes the Night 

Rites of Passage

Douglas's Link:


Joshua Gayou
Joshua Gayou

The short version is that I’m a 38 year old engineer in the aerospace business, specializing in broadband satellite communication systems.  I’ve worked in the aerospace industry for sixteen years, having started as an embedded software engineer developing instrumentation systems for rotary wing aircraft glass cockpits.  I’ve always had a talent for writing and the ability to communicate in written form has been an asset in my career (good engineers aren’t always gifted communicators; the activities utilize different portions of the brain and not everyone has all their areas equally developed, if you take my meaning).

Though I’m an engineer, that was not my focus in college; I have bachelors and master’s degrees in Computer Information Systems.  I fell into aerospace engineering rather by accident, which is a bit of a funny story.  Apparently, it impressed the guy who was interviewing me that I was a carpenter before I went to college.  It’s funny what seems to resonate with people.

Outside of all that, I managed to marry my high school sweetheart (Jennifer) and we have one son (Anthony, named after my father).  They are my two favorite people on this planet, when the wife isn’t assigning work for me to accomplish and when my kid is able to keep from doing hair-brained, ten-year-old stuff.

The long-winded version can be found here:

Joshua's Book:

Commune Book One

Joshua's Links:


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