Saturday, July 22, 2017

Throttled by Netflix...Again

For some reason, Netflix DVD service back in March and April decided to throttle me again. I have no idea why. But it took me until this past week to finally get the last movie that was released in March.

"Throttling" is when Netflix doesn't send you the latest releases to punish you for watching too many discs. It costs them at least $1 per disc sent out so they discourage watching lots and lots of discs. But I didn't think I was watching too many discs. Before and after March and April, I was watching three discs every two weeks. So why did I get throttled in March and April? I have no idea. But as the chart below shows, I was definitely throttled waiting as long as 16 weeks to see a new release.

(Netflix doesn't reveal release dates once a disc is released so I had to estimate the release date based on what said it was. Netflix release dates are often four weeks after Amazon release dates. This chart only shows new releases. I also watched a lot of old releases during this time, mostly older movies/series I hadn't seen yet.)

But then after March/April, the only time I didn't get a new release right away was when I didn't send in enough discs such as there are two new releases that week but I only send in one disc. I have highlighted those in gray.

I did learn a trick that I think helped me get the throttled new releases. I used to send in two discs on Friday and they would both arrive Monday. Then I started sending one disc Thursday and it would get there Friday or Saturday and I'd have more chance of getting a new release that I hadn't gotten yet. If I hadn't started doing that, who knows how long I would have waited for Silence.

I'd still like to know what I did in March/April to piss off Netfix's computers.

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