Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's Always in My Shopping Cart

Back to the 53-week blogging challenge. Today's prompt is "What's Always in My Shopping Cart." I don't tend to do the food shopping in the family. So this would more be like "what's always in my wife's shopping cart." I really can't think of anything that's "always" in the shopping cart other than staples such as bread, milk, butter. I think on thing we always try to have on hand is fruit. I love oranges and pineapple. Some times of the year it's hard to get good, fresh oranges. (I pretty much love orange anything.) I know this prompt is designed to ferret out our food fetishes like "I always have potato chips in my cart." But I don't have any food fetishes, except for "orange anything."

I also love peaches but it's early in the season for those. They'll become available in August. My dad usually buys a bunch then gives us some.

You'd think for someone who eats a lot of fruit, I'd be thinner.

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