Friday, May 12, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Anthony R. Howard and P.I. Barrington

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are happy to welcome writers Anthony R Howard and P.I. Barrington.

Anthony R. Howard
Anthony R. Howard

Bestselling author Anthony R. Howard has been an industry recognized consultant and technology expert for the premier global technology firms for over 12 years. Presently he is a leading Technology Specialist for one of the world’s largest Information Technology firms where he was named #1 IT Super Hero by InfoWorld and ComputerWorld, was the winner of the National Federal Office Systems Award (FOSE - Nation’s Largest Information Technology Exposition Serving the Government Marketplace), and the 2004 winner of Government Computer News Best New Technology Award. Several case studies have been published on Howard’s solutions across the Information Technology industry. Currently he provides enterprise technology solutions and advisement for America’s most distinguished clients including a sizeable amount of work for the U.S. Defense Sector, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security. His projects have been featured in national media outlets including Fox News. After founding his own technology firm, Howard completed his formal education with a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology. His vast career has included controlling hundreds of devices worldwide from secure Network Command Centers to relocating overseas to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for more than a year to solve technology issues for American based companies. He has also worked briefly for a private military logistics corporation that contracts a sizable amount of work from the Department of Defense and other military institutions. He’s also the bestselling author of The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox and  The Invisible Enemy II: Vendetta.

Anthony's Books:

Devil’s Diary: The Coming

The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox 

The Invisible Enemy: Vendetta 

Anthony's Links:


P.I. Barrington
P.I. Barrington

After a decade-long detour through the entertainment industry where she worked as a radio air talent and the music industry, P.I. Barrington has returned to writing novels. She lives in Southern California and co-authors with her sister, Loni Emmert who also works in the music industry.
Her books include:
The Brede Chronicles, Book One, First Realm Publishing
Future Imperfect Trilogy (Crucifying Angel, Miraculous Deception, Final Deceit) Desert Breeze Publishing
Inamorata Crossing/Borealis 1: A Space Opera, Desert Breeze Publishing
The Button Hollow Chronicles: The Leaf Peeper Murders, Mainly Murder Press

And Free stories on

P.I.'s Book:

The Brede Chronicles, Book One

P.I.'s Links:


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