Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grapefruit, the Yucky Fruit

Time once again for the 30-day blogging challenge that I'm doing over (approximately) thirty weeks.

Today's prompt is "A fruit you dislike and why." I had to think about this because I generally like fruit, especially oranges and peaches.

Then I remembered grapefruit.

Whenever I taste grapefruit I am reminded of the taste in your mouth right after you've vomited. The sharp tang of stomach acid (which is hydrochloric acid) that coats the inside of your mouth. And to me, that's what grapefruit tastes like. I don't know if it has a lot of citric acid in it or what, but to me, it literally tastes like vomit.

It must contain a significant amount of acid. I used to work with a guy who ate a grapefruit every day at lunch. His dentist told him to cut back because it was eating his teeth.

I don't know how or why people eat grapefruit. To me, it is disgusting.

And that's a fruit I don't like.

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