Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Commute

Back to the 30-day blogging challenge (that I'm doing once a week). This week's topic is "Your commute to and from work." Or in my case, from and to work. I'll explain.

As a writer, I work out of my home. So in a way, my commute to work is walk down the stairs into my office and start working (after checking out Facebook, of course).

But it's more than that. To prevent cabin fever and to actually interact with humans, I first make a commute from work to Starbucks, then from Starbucks back to work. I do this nearly every morning (yes, I've added up what it costs and it's frightening).

To the Starbucks I go to (which is not the closest one; I go to the one by the Interstate because you see more interesting people) it is just over five miles. I have on the way there two stop signs. One stop sign is at a busy road and sometimes you wait a while to have an opening to cross it. The other stop sign is just getting out of my neighborhood.

Getting back there's two stop signs, also. The first as getting onto the road that is the longest part of the trip, and the other is crossing that busy street again.

But, here's the thing: I'm never in traffic (unless there's a back up behind a slow-moving tractor). Crossing that busy street is the most stressful part of the trip. Sometimes you have to deal with local drivers (I've lived in this town for going on 17 years and I still call them "local drivers") who take miles and miles to accelerate to the speed limit, if they ever bother to do so.

So my commute is pretty easy. I'm a lucky guy.

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