Sunday, June 7, 2015

Television Review: Orphan Black

I don't usually do television show reviews (except for Babylon 5 a while back) but in the case of Orphan Black, I'll make an exception.

I got the first four episodes on DVD from Netflix and all I can say is . . . wow! Even though going in I knew it was about (spoiler alert) clones, I was amazed at the mystery presented. And each episode kept screwing up the tension as more and more (spoiler alert) clones showed up. I can see why this show is popular.

The actress who plays all the (spoiler alert) clones does a great job with each character. Each woman is different from the main character who's a bit of a punk to a soccer mom. It's fun to watch what role she'll take on next.

It has it's quirks. It's set in the US but has British actors (lots of British accents and some American ones) and seemed to be filmed mostly in the UK. And in some cases they just don't get US culture correct.

But you ignore all that because the show sucks you in and never lets go. After four episodes I'm ready to watch them all. I have no idea where they are going to go with this (please don't tell me). If you're not watching this, you should be.

I have two more discs in the first season (I assume 4 episodes per disc). I think the second season is also on Netfilx. And I think the show is in its 3rd season so I hope to catch up to it soon.

Check it out if you haven't. It's really good, especially for television.


  1. I think what you're missing is that while it might air on BBC America, it's Canadian. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's set in Ontario. (Check the license plates.) That's why it comes across as American

    Still, I've been hooked from episode one and have seen through the end of the first season. I'm eagerly anticipating getting the chance to start season two. Good to know T.R. and I have someone else we can share our conspiracy theories. ;)

  2. P.S. You never really gave Babylon 5 a shot. It's the kind of show that really only shows its brilliancy once you've seen it all the way through. ;)