Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Want a Pause Button

I want a pause button. Not on life (although that would be nice sometimes while you think about how to react to something), but on GPS systems.

Here's what I mean. I want a button that simply pauses the navigation. This should be a simple software fix and very doable and I'm not sure why no one offers this.

Why? You set up your navigation system to take you on a long trip. But at some point on that trip you might want food or need gas for the car or to take a bathroom break. You pull off the main highway to get what you need and your GPS system freaks out. It keeps telling you to turn around, take a right and then a right, and constantly intones "RECALCULATING."

But if you could hit a pause button, get off the highway, find a gas station or something to eat, then get back on the highway and hit the pause button again to resume navigation, it would be much less annoying.

As I said, this should be a pretty simply software fix. So get on that, please, GPS makers.

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