Monday, May 18, 2015

Why is Proper Grammar Important?

I'm not exactly a grammar Nazi. But I do try to use proper grammar (especially in writing) and I do have some pet peeves about misusing words such as the misuse of "jealous" and confusing "bring" and "take." Almost nobody gets "like" and "such as" correct.

And don't get me started on the misuse of "hopefully."

Some people dismiss the need for good grammar (the very term "grammar Nazi" is not one of affection). Those folks are usually filling up Facebook with their unreadable posts about kittens.

I believe proper grammar, especially in writing, is very important. Why? Because you're not there to explain yourself when someone misunderstands. For example.
I to think its important too spell correctly.
There are four grammar errors in that sentence. But that is something you might read on Facebook or Twitter where grammar seems to be less and less adhered to. Is that first "to" a typo and the writer wished to say "I do think"? Is there something else they think is important so they put in "too" (and forgot the commas. And the possessive "its" makes little sense.

Here's the correct sentence:
I, too, think it's important to spell correctly.
Now the sentence is simple and easy to understand. And the key thing is, you don't have to think about it. You know the intention of the writer immediately. There's no need to decode their bad grammar.

And that is why proper grammar is important. It smooths the flow of communication. The writer's intent is more likely to be conveyed to the reader and done so immediately without the ready having to decode the meaning.

It also keeps you for avoiding mistakes such as this:

(I feel sorry for that dog.)

So, yes, I'm think proper grammar is important. But, even I make mistakes.

At least I try to be correct.

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