Friday, May 15, 2015

Release Day: The Terror of Tombstone

Today is the day! Today The Terror of Tombstone, my fantasy/western novel set in the Adept Series Universe is released. Extensively researched with exciting western and fantasy action, The Terror of Tombstone is guaranteed to keep you up nights reading.

Abel Lewis is a city slicker and a dandy and completely out of his element in the frontier of 1881 Arizona, nursing saddle sores and wishing for a soft bed. But Lewis hides a skill, and as he seeks to find an evil power in the deserts and small towns of the Southwest, he'll need all his abilities and all his cunning to survive. And a friend with a Winchester is mighty useful, too.
From Tombstone to San Francisco, Lewis is on the trail of a dark force that has its own devastating plans for the Old West. Will Lewis survive his confrontation with the over-powering malevolence of the terror of Tombstone?
Get your copy today in multiple formats. Links here, on my website.

The Terror of Tombstone, by S. Evan Townsend

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