Friday, May 29, 2015

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Lynn Gibson and Alexandra Clair

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are please to welcome Lyn Gibson and Alexandra Clair

Lyn Gibson
Lyn Gibson

Ms. Gibson is rapidly becoming recognized as a master of the horror genre. Raised amidst legend
and lore, Ms. Gibson has become well acquainted with the darker side of history. As a noted Vampire
Historian, she has acquired a fan base that spans the globe as her in-depth research of the revered
Vampire has uncovered a history of bloodlust and violence that had once vanished from view.

She is lover of the paranormal with an insatiable craving for knowledge of the beings that exist just
outside of mankind’s grasp. She is driven with the desire of depicting the Vampire in its’ true nature; A fiercely passionate creature that is unbound by its’ own malevolent nature.

Ms. Gibson brings a darker side of history to life throughout her series, The Adrian Trilogy. The series masterfully blends legend and lore into modern times whilst adding a erotic twist.

Lyn's Books:

To be his Soulmate

Adrians' Fury

Adrians' Legacy

Lyn's Links


Alexandra Clair
Alexandra Clair 

I grew up in Winchester, MA and currently live in a small town in West Tennessee. I've always been drawn to study history and like many writers, began writing poetry and short stories while still quite young. The defining event in my life was becoming a Christian at age twenty three. The Wood's End Series juxtaposes world events with end-times Bible Prophecy in the context of how these dynamics impact the lives of individuals.

I wrote the Book Discerning Spirits as a simple overview of how one may facilitate Christian ministries of Deliverance, Exorcism, and Intercession; and the three classes of demonic possession. The last chapter looks at four movies and the narcissistic characters in those films as we seek to identify a protocol of evil for purposes of deciding what ministry response is needed. I've been influenced in my nonfiction writing on these topics of Exorcism and Deliverance by foremost, The Bible. Secondly by the work of Erich Fromm, M. Scott Peck, Ken and Sylvia Thornberg, Francis MacNutt, Malachi Martin, and Joseph Lumpkin.

I'm currently working on a screenplay and the third book in the Wood's End Series: The World in the Wood.

People can reach me via Face Book or through my blog:
I'm available for book readings and conferences. I very much enjoy hearing from readers. Your questions can also be answered via my author page at the Goodreads website.

Alexandra's Books

Wood’s End. (Book 1 of the Wood's End Series)

The Year Between the Wood (Book 2 of the Wood's End Series)

Alexandra's  Links


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