Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

Apparently there's more than one blog hop/tour tag thing happening at the moment. I already was roped into the "Writing Process" blog chain.  At least I volunteered for that one!

Now there's a "Meet My Main Character" blog hop/tour tag thing happening and I was tagged by Lee Miller who calls herself a "voracious reader" and hopes to be a writer. You can follow Lee on Twitter at @leemillerwrites

So, without further ado, please meet my main character from Treasure of the Black Hole, my as-of-yet unpublished science fiction novel.

1. What is the name of your main character? Is he fictional or a historic person?

My main character's name is Rick Bailey and he's a private detective on the planet Hayek IV. At least that's the alias he uses so the Core Empire can't find him. He's very fictional.

2. When and where is the story set?

The story is set about 4,000 years in the future and it takes place on various planets such as Hayek IV, Hayek III, Raipe, The Roach Home World, Terra-Kappa and, briefly, on Earth.  Each world has its unique climate, culture, government, and in some cases alien species.

3. What should we know about him?

Bailey has his own set of values that he stays true to as best he can. But he's not above taking work from a well-paying client who he is sure is lying.

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Bailey owes a mobster money (an amount that keeps increasing the more he angers the mobster) so he agrees to help find a treasure. Problem is, others are after it, too, including the mobster. And he has to avoid Core Empire operatives who wish to take him back to Earth to be boiled alive . . . slowly.

5. What is his personal goal?

To stay alive, live in peace, and not get caught by the Core Empire.

7. When can we expect the book to be published?

That's a good question. I submitted it last week to a new publishing house. I'm supposed to hear back in three weeks from yesterday. If they ask for the full manuscript, I don't know how long until they'll accept that and then go to publication as I've never worked with this house before.

Thanks, Lee, for tagging me. This has been fun.

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