Friday, June 20, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Missing

Today's Flash Fiction Friday: Missing

"Say that number again?" Reynolds asked, sitting up in chair behind his desk.

"Nine hundred thousand," I repeated.

"Last year alone?" Reynolds asked.

"Yes," I clarified.

Reynolds let out a sigh. "I never realized it was that much."

I nodded. "Most people don't." I had just informed President Reynolds that over 900,000 persons disappeared the year before in the United States and we were on track this year to exceed that number.

"Where do they all go?"

"Some are murdered, some purposely disappear."

"Seems like a lot," the President said.

"Yes, sir," I replied.  "But I think I know where many of them are going?"

"Where, general?"

"Now, sir," I started, "this is a bit unbelievable. But I have evidence."

"Yes?" He sounded impatient. Presidents have a lot on their plate.

"They are being taken off the planet by an hostile alien race."

Reynolds snorted.

"I said it was unbelievable."

"Look, general, I agreed to this meeting because you said you'd found an imminent threat to the nation. This sounds like a bad science fiction movie."

"I have proof, Mr. President."

"Which is?"

"We captured one."

Reynolds glared at me. "One, what?"

"An alien."

Reynolds leaded forward. "Seriously? What's it look like."


"Come again?"

"Bigfoot, sir.  Apparently the sightings of Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch, are sightings of these aliens hunting humans."

"You've captured a Bigfoot?"

"Yes, sir, near Fort Lewis, in the woods.  And there was a small alien spacecraft nearby. But it self destructed as we approached.  We did get some pictures, however."

"Are you BSing me, general."

"No, sir."

Reynolds sat back in his chair. "You're telling me that aliens are taking humans off Earth for some purpose?"

"Oh, we know the purpose."

Reynolds again leaned forward.  "How do you know that, general?"

"We found a cookbook."

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