Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Lucky Hat is 5-1

Last night the Washington Huskies beat California rather handily. It was such a blow out that we put our second string in during much of the 4th quarter.  The final score was 17-44, Cal making a touchdown against what I assume was our second string defense.

The Huskies needed this win and if they didn't win, their season was pretty much over.  For one thing, they'd lost three in a row, including an unexpected slaughter at the hands of Arizona State last week.  And for another thing, Cal is the worst team in the Pac-12 going into this game with a 1-6 record, and that win against an FSC team (Portland State).  So if the Huskies lost, it would be a disaster.

Lucky Hat
But they didn't lose and I think it's my lucky hat.  Okay, I don't really, but the lucky hat is 5-1 now for
this season and the one loss was when a bad call cost us a chance to win.  One week ago I was at a Toastmasters convention when the Huskies were manhandled by Arizona State and I wasn't wearing the hat (nor watching the game).  Two weeks ago I was at a writers' retreat and still not wearing the hat nor watching the game.  So I blame the hat.

Okay, not really, after all, I try to think scientifically.

The Huskies are now 5-3, but only 2-3 in conference.

The Huskies' regular season records since Steve Sarkisian became head coach are:
2009: 5-7 (coming off a 0-12 year under Coach Ty Willingham)
2010: 7-5
2011: 7-5
2012: 7-5

Are you seeing a pattern here?  I was hoping this year for a 10-2 record, figuring we'd be very lucky to beat the Phil Knight Ducks, Stanford, and UCLA but might beat one of them.  So far we've lost to Oregon and Stanford and ASU.  If we get lucky and beat UCLA that means a 9-3 season.  If we lose to UCLA (which seems likely, I hate to say) and beat everyone else left, that's a 8-4 season.  Not much of an improvement over the past three years.  One unlucky loss and we're back at 7-5.

In college football there is no draft system.  And success garners success.  The more successful your team is, the more likely you can attract great players.  If you're not so successful, you have to look for that diamond in the rough that other schools might have missed but you think can be a Jake Locker or a Bishop Sankey.

The Dawgs have some great players (such as Sankey) but they are rough around the edges still.  Penalties were much fewer last night but there was one stupid one that cost us a touchdown.  And quarterback Price is a senior so this is his last year.  We'll probably make it to a bowl (if we can't beat Colorado in two weeks after a bye, we're really in trouble) but we won't be ranked again unless we manage to beat UCLA.

One thing is for certain: I will be wearing the lucky hat!

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