Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mini-Vacation to Glacier National Park, Part Two

Yesterday I posted pictures from my trip to Glacier National Park.  I got almost through the first of three days, and the most picture-intensive day (because it was the day with the best weather).

Heading back east from Lake McDonald it wasn't raining and we saw things we missed going west due to rain and low clouds, such as this valley and mountain view:
Valley and Mountains
The sky what gray with clouds (looking white in this picture) and the air was hazy with the remainders of low clouds.

Near the top of the Going to the Sun Road (which is at Logan Pass and the Continental Divide), there is "the loop" where the road makes a hairpin turn.  We stopped to take this picture of a mountain and trees burned in a forest fire.  Again, the haze makes the distant mountain fuzzy.
Mountain and Fire Damage
Then next morning we woke up to low clouds and rain.  This was the view out our hotel room's window.

Cloudy Rainy Day
We decided to head for Many Glacier (no typo) and we're glad we did as it sits on the Swiftcurrent Lake.

Swiftcurrent Lake and Many Glacier Hotel
The Many Glacier Hotel was very pretty with a vintage look inside and out and what, with good weather, was most likely a very lovely view.
Many Glacier Hotel

Many Glacier Hotel Lobby
 We then spent that afternoon in the lobby trying to get the WiFi to work (it didn't).

The next day was our last day in Glacier Park but we woke to low clouds and rain.  We waited until afternoon when it seemed to be clearing some to go back up the Going to the Sun Road.  We did see some blue sky.
Blue Sky
And we went back to the Wild Goose Island overlook.

Wild Goose Island Last Day
Which looked different than from the first day.

And finally, one last view of St. Mary Lake before we headed back to the hotel for the night.
St. Mary Lake Last Day
I'm already thinking about returning, perhaps earlier in the season to get better weather and better views.  Glacier National Park is an amazing spot hidden in Northern Montana.

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