Sunday, September 15, 2013

Huskies Beat Illinois

This is the first time in years the University of Washington Huskies have been in the AP Top 25 poll for more than one week.  In the past they beat some time they weren't expected to (such as USC when they were ranked #2), pop into the #25 position, and then then next week get blown out buy some team they should have been able to beat.  But the Huskies have been ranked since they beat then #19 Boise State.

The Dawgs had a bye last week (I tell you, two weeks is a long wait for a football game) and stayed in the poll (even moved up a bit) and then this week they traveled to Chicago to defeat the University of Illinois Illini.

The first half the Huskies were hurt by penalties that they should have been too smart to get and by two fumble/turnovers by the same player (I noticed he didn't get back in the game).  Still at the half the Huskies were ahead 10-3.  But the third quarter the Huskies dominated, making a touchdown in less than 2 minutes after kickoff.  Illinois was able to get a touchdown but the Huskies answered in kind and soon the score was 31-10.  But the Illini, to their credit, came back and tightened the score to 31-24 giving them the ability to tie the game with just one touchdown.

But a Husky interception (of an illegal 2nd forward pass in one play) shut down the Illini's hope, and the game ended 34-24.

And this morning, the Huskies are ranked #17.  Their third week in the top 25.

Next week the Huskies play Idaho State at home.  The Bengals are also 2-0 but they are an FCS team (unlike the two other universities in Idaho).

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