Monday, May 27, 2013


Well, I have discovered what is to me, a new internet scam.  Take a look at this screen capture:
So one would think, "Hey, this topblogstories site must like my posts a lot."  And you're curious which posts they linked to so you click the link . . . and it sends you someplace else. I've seen on Google that it sends you to porn sites.  I clicked the link and saw it was forwarding to something I didn't want to see (judging from the URL) so I closed the browser fast.

What really annoys me is this is distorting my pageviews so I don't really know how many I've had.  I'm hoping these folks go away (I know, big mistake to click the link).  So I'm warning you, if you see this in your "Traffic Sources" do not click it!

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