Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Mistake or am I Missing Something

Watched the classic film-noir movie the other night, Gilda, with Rita Hayworth in her best-known role.  Very good movie and very well done.  You had to actually watch the movie because the undercurrents were not in the dialogue but in the glance, the smile, and the way the director lit and framed a scene.  Very good movie and Glenn Ford was excellent in it, too.

But there was something that just didn't seem right.  Early in the movie World War II ends (well, Germany surrenders, for some reason the movie ignores Japan).  About that time Gilda shows up as the wife of Glenn Ford's boss.  Interesting things go on, some back and forth between Gilda and Ford's character, etc., and suddenly it's Carnival.

Here's my problem: 1) Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945. 2) Carnival is the three days before Ash Wednesday. 3) in 1945 Easter was on April 1st. 4) Lent is 44 days long (if you include Sundays) so that would put Ash Wednesday on February 14th and Carnival on February 11, 12, and 13.  In other words, Carnival ended 84 days before Germany surrendered.

Now, I suppose the Carnival depicted in the film could have been 1946's celebration.  That year Easter was on April 21st. So Ash Wednesday would have been March 6th and Carnival March 3,4, and 5.  In other words 301 days after Germany surrendered.  If 301 days passed between Germany's capitulation and the Carnival depicted in the film, they skipped a lot of time.  And it didn't seem that way, the plot moves pretty quickly.

So big error (or didn't care) by the film makers or I just didn't figure something out.

And yes, I can be obsessive sometimes.

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