Monday, November 12, 2012

The Pac-12

When people talk about college football conferences, often they think of the Big-10 and the SEC.  But the Pac-12 (formerly known as the Pac-10) seems to labor on in obscurity caused by the Rocky Mountains or something (it's no secret, most of the U.S. media comes out of the East).  But right now fully 50% of the teams in the Pac-12 are BCS ranked, including #2 Oregon.  Even the vaunted SEC can't claim that (full disclosure: The SEC has six ranked teams, but that's out of 14 teams).

I just noticed that because I was checking the standings in the Pac-12 after the weekend's football games to see where my beloved University of Washington Huskies stood, and noticed the Huskies are now ranked (albeit at #25).  That means the Pac-12 North Division has four ranked teams (out of six).  Not too shabby.

I'm pretty confident that the Huskies or going to go 8-4 (two of their losses to teams ranked #2 and #3 when they played them).  They are currently bowl eligible at 6-4 after they beat Utah this weekend.  With Oregon probably going to the BCS, that means the Huskies could get a pretty good bowl slot, even though they are #4 in their very tough division (Pac-12 North).

And since they are a very young team, next year they should look even better.

P.S.: The sports/Huskies posts should end when the Huskies' season ends.  Just FYI.

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