Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Six: The Suit of Armor

Today's Sunday Six from Chapter Eight of Book of Death:

The woman who had initially screamed did so again and jumped out of the way as a third suit of armor came in the back door, swinging its flail over its head.  Wynter couldn't stop in time and the ball hit him right in the temple with a sick, moist crunching sound.  Blood jetted in all directions from the impact, hitting me in the face and chest.  Wynter made a sound of anguish that I hoped I never heard again as he was knocked against a wall, his skull caved in, and I didn't want to imagine what was gushing from the wound.

I ducked and shot an airbolt at the suit.  That knocked it back a bit and dented the supposedly priceless metal, but it still kept coming.

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