Friday, March 3, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with A.M. Justice and C.C. Aune

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are pleased to welcome writers A.M. Justice and C.C. Aune.

A.M. Justice
A.M. Justice

A.M. Justice has danced tango beneath the wings of angels, played hide and seek with harbor seals, and sought distant galaxies from dusk to dawn. She hasn’t donned tango shoes in a while, but she still scuba dives and star gazes whenever the seas are calm enough and the skies dark enough. Hiking to isolated swimming holes, exploring ancient cathedrals, and dining with friends are among her favorite things, but she really loves sitting with a cat on her lap while a beloved movie plays on TV.

Justice’s young life was defined by restless parents who moved us every two to four years, but she has found stability in a Brooklyn apartment where she’s lived more than a decade with her husband, daughter, and cats. Her short story “The Weight of Bliss” won first place in the science fiction/fantasy category of the 2016 Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards.

A.M.'s Works:

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C.C. Aune
C.C. Aune

C.C. Aune's ramblings have led her through 49 states—nine of which she has called home—plus a fair number of countries. She has been a journalist and a contributor for the companion book to PBS's 2000 series In Search of Our Ancestors. Currently, she directs the blog One Year of Letters, which explores the internal landscape of writers. The Ill-Kept Oath is her debut novel.

C.C.'s Works:

"Expiration Date" (short in an anthology)

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From today's program: Cold and Dark Killed the Dinosaurs.

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