Sunday, March 19, 2017

Internet Move Database Correction

I just did something I haven't done for a long time: I submitted a correction to an item on the Internet Movie Database. It was for the movie Passengers (which had a lot of science errors in it). But one item listed under "goofs" was completely wrong. It was under the category "Incorrectly Regarded as a Goof." And it read:
On Jim's first spacewalk, a tear runs down his cheek. That has nothing to do with the presence or lack of gravitational force, since H2O molecules stick together because of surface tension, and thus stick to Jim's face as they should.
(Here is the scene they are talking about. The tear happens at about 2:25 into the video.)(Bonus points for spotting the other science errors in that clip.)

And the above "not a goof" statement is grossly scientifically wrong. In fact, I found this video on YouTube that explains what exactly happens when you cry in freefall (which is slightly different from the micro gravity Jim was in on that spacewalk, but not enough to make a difference). Here's a video with even more water.

As you can see in the first astronaut video, the water doesn't run down the astronaut's face as it does in the movie Passengers. In the second video, with more water, it doesn't drip down, it just sticks to the washcloth and the astronaut's hands.

I have a feeling, however, the movie producers if they knew this they would have kept the scene the same as most audience members wouldn't understand why a ball of water is forming on Jim's eye.

***Spoiler Ahead***

As for the movie, it was okay. It had something very common in science fiction movies: fix this one big thing and everything will be okay. Which is rarely true in real life. But the more I watch Chris Pratt, the more I like him as an actor. And Jennifer Lawrence is very good in this move, not to mention very cute.

***End Spoiler***

So we'll see if the IMDB accepts my correction of that supposed non-goof.

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