Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cars and Other Stuff

Back to the 52-week blogging challenge. Today's prompt is "Working on my fitness."


Okay, so the next prompt is "What I spend money on."

I had to think about his because I don't tend to spend a lot of money. But when I do, I go big. I spend money on cars. I like cars, the faster and more powerful the better. I've even driven some on a racetrack. (Which was also something I spent my money on. Not the fee to drive on the track but the new tires and brake pads required.)

Now, some might think my bright yellow Corvette is a mid-life crisis car. It's not. I've had a sporty car constantly since my mid-20s. I like fast cars.

Then there's the maintenance of fast cars. The oil change on the Corvette is almost $100. The tires are $2,500 for four and then you have to pay to mount them. Because they are run-flats I have to have them installed in Spokane (first time I had to go to Seattle). The tires only last about 15,000 miles. The tires that came on it only lasted 5,000 miles (about what I drive the Corvette in a year) so I was replacing tires every year until I found a new brand that lasts 15,000 miles.

Side note: I've always wanted a Ferrari. I read somewhere that Ferrari tires last about 5,000 miles and you have to buy them from the Ferrari dealer and have them mount and balance them for an outrageous price I don't remember the exact amount of. I just remember it was high.

So that's where I spend money. Well, on big screen T.V.'s, too. But that's another post. Maybe.

What do you spend money on? Comment below.

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