Thursday, December 29, 2016

Social Media

It's time once again for the 52-week blogging challenge. Today's prompt is a little strange. It's "Social Media Phenomenon." I'm not sure what they are looking for.

In social media I blog (duh), I use Twitter, and I use Facebook, both personally and a Facebook page about my books and writing, appearances, etc. I have a Google+ account that I never use.

On my personal Facebook account I don't censor myself. I'll post about politics, or whatever comes to mind. Since I'm sort of a political junkie (less so this horrible year), I tend to post about politics a lot (probably too much).

At one time I had a "political" twitter account. I followed pundits and other people who had intelligent things to say. I'd occasionally try to join the conversation with a pithy tweet of my own. I once got retweeted by an editor of an opinion journal. Once.

I used to have a blog on which I didn't censor myself (as I do on this blog). I got very political. I once got linked to by a very popular blog. I got about 12,000 hits in one day. I got burned out on it in 2012 and simply stopped writing it. It's still out there on the interwebs.

On my Facebook page, I am never political or controversial. I post about my books, appearances, and things I find interesting about science or space exploration.

On Twitter I've gotten political twice when I tweeted a hashtag about the election we all just suffered through. Just a hashtag, with no comment.

I have noticed people are "braver" on social media. They are much more likely to argue (or troll) you than they would in real life. And sometimes anger flairs. I've been "unfriended" by relatives and friends who disagree with me.

I don't think I've even hinted at my politics on this blog. Well maybe once or twice.

So, that's about it for social media. How do you use social media in your life.

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