Sunday, November 13, 2016

It was Fun While It Lasted

I was right to worry.

Yesterday was a bizarre day in college football.

Number 2 (CFB Rankings) Clemson lost to an unranked team

Number 3 Michigan lost to an unranked team

And #4 Washington lost to USC, who was ranked #20.

Yes, my beloved University of Washington Huskies lost after going 9-0. They are now 9-1 overall and 6-1 in conference.

There are only two unbeaten teams in college football down. That's #1 Alabama and #21 Michigan State.

It's going to be interesting to see how the CFB rankings come out on Tuesday. And how the AP poll rankings come out today (in about 30 minutes from this writing). But I'm afraid Washington's hopes for a playoff berth have been eliminated. Or, maybe not since Michigan and Clemson lost. We'll have to see on Tuesday.

Since the Washington State Cougars beat California yesterday, they are 7-0 in conference (8-2 over all) they now lead the Pac-12 North Division. Washington is in second place. This means the Apple Cup will be huge. If Washington wins (assuming they beat Arizona State next week), they are the Pac-12 North Champion. If WSU wins (assuming they beat Colorado next week), they are the Pac-12 North Champions. But I do think WSU is going to have a challenge with Colorado.

Last night's game against USC, the Huskies were simply out-played. USC has been getting better and better this year and they have a very good quarterback. The Huskies put a strong defense and worked hard on offense, but it wasn't enough. Not at all. They lost 26-13.

I used to say if the Huskies could be at least 8-4 on the regular season, beat Oregon, beat WSU, and win their bowl game, I'd be happy. Well, they've done two of those so far (they are 9-1 and beat Oregon). It's all coming down to the Apple Cup. Should be a good game.

UPDATE: Washington is #7 in the AP Top 25 Poll. WSU is 20. And USC is back in the top 25 at 15.

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