Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Netflix Streaming Trauma

It's been a traumatic few weeks. In the past month I have:
  1. Watched the last Mad Men episode
  2. Watched the last Parks and Recreation episode
  3. Watched the last How I Met Your Mother episode
Parks and Recreation's last episode was cute and sweet and didn't tug at the heart much. Maybe because of the format of the show you're not as invested in the characters as you are in other television shows. Parks and Recreation was funny and I loved the character of Ron Swanson.

Mad Men ended nearly perfectly. Of course, the entire show was done nearly perfectly. It was interesting how it wrapped up the stories of the six main characters. Each one sort of ended up where they belonged, and most with a happy ending (except Betty Draper/Francis). And Don Draper's smile said it all. Small spoiler: it ends, appropriately enough, with a commercial.

Now How I Met Your Mother was sort of a guilty pleasure. I enjoyed the show because it made me laugh. But the last two episodes really worked hard at pulling the heartstrings. Small spoiler: the blue french horn makes an appearance. 

With all the many actors who, over the years, appeared in that show, I only spotted two instances where they didn't get the same actor to appear as the same character. First, Robin's father was originally played by Eric Braeden (an actor I've always liked) but then was switched to Ray Wise who I'll always remember as Laura Palmer's father in Twin Peaks. And Blabla (they couldn't remember her name) was originally played by Katy Perry but they apparently couldn't get her to come back for a one-line shot in the third-to-the-last episode. So they got a no-name actor who kind of looks like Katy Perry to play her.

So, I'm looking for new things to watch. I've started watching Better Call Saul which is a spin-off from Breaking Bad and is nearly as good. And I started watching Luther, a BBC production that is interesting. I've only seen two episodes, so far.

But I need a comedy. Something to make me laugh. Any suggestions?

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