Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Worry Wart

As I write this (and admittedly I wrote this a few days ago), I am waiting on a new B&W laser printer to arrive at my house. I didn't like any of the printers available locally (they were all "All-in-one" inkjet printers and all I want is a simple paper-spewing printer) so I ordered one from Amazon. I was pretty impressed because it arrived the next day even before I got the shipment notification from Amazon.

But there was a problem. The box was leaking toner and I was concerned that the everything inside might be covered in toner. Plus, the toner that came with it was likely damaged or defective. So I contacted the company (through Amazon) and told them. They were very responsive and emailed out a return shipping label and, even before I sent the damaged unit back, sent me another printer.

So I'm sitting here and I'm worrying. I'm worrying that the same thing may happen again. Why? I don't know. I'm a worry wart. If there's something to worry about, I'm going to worry about it.  It drives me nuts, to be honest.  I've learned to control it (to a point) but I still worry.

For example (and I have gotten better about this), if I can't get a hold of someone, I worry. "They're dead." "They hate me." "They're on the roadside dying after a car accident."

This is probably from having too active an imagination. Well, maybe not "too active" because I need an imagination to write. But it sure drives me nuts sometime.

I try to tell myself I'm worried over nothing.

But tell that to my over-active OCD, ADD, bi-polar brain.

Now I'm worried you won't leave a comment.

UPDATE: The printer arrived safe and works great.

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