Sunday, September 20, 2015

Huskies Win Again!

I'm getting a little frustrated with PAC-12 Networks. Last week they cut away from the Husky game to show another game so we missed most of the fourth quarter, and this week they didn't cut away from the Nike Ducks game (Phil Knight sure buys them some ugly uniforms) for the Husky game so we missed most of the 1st quarter. It wasn't as if the Oregon game was close. They were playing Georgia State and the final score was 61-28.

Luckily, both times there were no scores made in the Husky game while they weren't showing them.

This week the University of Washington Huskies played Utah State University. USU was not a push-over team and have been very successful that past couple of years, going to and winning bowl games. However, from the start of when I got to see the game, the Huskies dominated. I'm becoming very impressed with true-freshman quarterback Jake Browning. He is starting to show poise, accuracy, and good decision making. On one play he was running from defenders, saw an open receiver (Dwayne Washington), tossed him the ball, and the Washington ran it in for an 81-yard touchdown.

Browning did make one mistake and that was throwing an interception on the first play of the second half. But the freshman came back the next time the Huskies had the ball and connected over and over with his receivers. I can't wait to see how good this kid will be next year.  Also it's kind of fun to say "Go Jake!" again, as we did during the Jake Locker era.

As I've probably said before, the Huskies are a very young team. They can only get better. We may not do great this year, but the next few years ought to be pretty fun.

But I think I've said that before, too.

The final score was 31-17 for the Huskies.

Next week we play a tough California at home. This week, California barely beat Texas in Austin. And Texas is no push-over, either. It's going to be an interesting game.

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