Wednesday, September 23, 2015

No Convertables

Ferrari 488 Spider
I just saw on Facebook a picture of the Ferrari 488 Spider. Beautiful car. But, even if I had the means, I'd never buy one. How much do they cost? Well, if you have to ask . . .

Why won't I buy the Spider? Because I loath convertibles. I've had a bit of experience with them, renting them in Hawaii and Florida.

I do not love drop tops and not even for all the good reasons a car guy like me shouldn't (increased weight, poorer handling, etc.). My dermatologist tells me I have "type one" skin. All I know is I sunburn in about ten minutes (no, I'm not exaggerating).

I also have a little (okay, a lot) less hair on top than I did 20 years ago. So driving a convertible to me means 1) wearing a hat (that will most likely blow off if I exceed parking lot speeds) and 2) wearing sunscreen in order to drive the car.

Oh, and sunscreen attracts all sorts of wind-blown road dust and grime, did I mention?  Filthy arms are very attractive at the Ruth Chris.

And God help you when it rains because you have a choice: drive in the rain or pray you can get the top up before the light turns green.  But at least you're no long getting a sunburn.

Side note: Why are sporty convertibles called "spiders" (or sometimes "spyders")? Because of this:

This open-top carriage was called a "spider" because its big wheels made is slightly resemble an arachnid. It was also small and light, sort of a "sports carriage." When car manufacturers started building topless sports cars, they applied the same name to them: "spider."

And now you know.

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