Monday, March 23, 2015

If this Watch Could Talk

Last July my wife bought me a new watch for my birthday.

But, in a bittersweet moment, I had to give up my old watch that I'd had for at least ten years. The watch was given to me as a promotional deal with Volvo (which is why the watch says Volvo). It was the most accurate watch I'd ever owned, gaining only around 20 seconds a month.

Yesterday I started thinking about everything I'd done with this watch.

This watch snorkeled in the Caribbean, off the Na Pali coast of Hawaii, and in the Sea of Cortez.

This watch went to the mountains of Ecuador, the beaches of Peru, and the wine country of Chile.

This watch went 155 mph on a racetrack (and maybe faster elsewhere but I'll plead the 5th if asked about that).

The watch went on Cub Scout and Boy Scout field trips. It played in the surf at Cocoa Beach, FL. This watch timed experiments at my old day job.

It's amazing how we can attach memories to objects. And when the objects are gone, all we have left are the memories.

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