Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sports, an Odyssey

I was just thinking how excited I am for the University of Washington Huskies upcoming bowl game. And I realized I've made quite a changed in my life when it comes to sports.

When I was a kid and up through most of my formative years, I hated sports with a passion. I hated playing them and I really hated watching them. I hated sports on TV as I'd turn on the television to watch some favorite show but a stupid football game would have two minutes left but it would take fifteen minutes of real time to finish the game and then an announcer would come on and say "We join the program already in progress." And you've missed the first fifteen minutes of your show.  Didn't help we only had two channels. Not much to watch anyway.

A change started in my twenties. When I married, I found my wife was much more interesting in watching sports than I was. She would watch the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Washington Huskies (I put my foot down at baseball, a sport I still loath).

And I, after attending the University of Washington, started watching Husky football. But what really sealed the deal what that I went to a few games. There's nothing like the fever pitch of being in a crowd of 50,000 or so people all yelling for the same outcome.  (This is also used in the political sphere where people can get very worked up about something political at a rally of a couple of thousand like-minded people and a charismatic speaker.)

Now I'm a near-rabid Huskies fan (even when they went 0-12 on a season) and a fair-weather Seahawks fan (I'll watch if they are winning).

But I still won't watch baseball.

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