Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Supermarket of the Future!

So I was moving my keyboard on my desk and needed to type something to see if I liked the new position (I didn't).  Here's what I typed:

Sometimes you have to go to the market to buy things.  This involves a trip either by foot, car, or bus.  But in the future you may be able to have the store come to you!  How is this possible?  By quantum miniaturization.  The store would be delivered to you in a small box or package by the U.S. Mail.  You would then use your household miniaturizer to shrink yourself to the size of the store. You'd make your selections, pay for them, then get yourself and your items but to regular size. Then you'd mail the store back using the pre-paid box label.  Of course, there are issues to work out such as the power needs to shrink and expand something as big as a store.  And you could only have the store a short time since others would need to shop or the number of stores needed to be stocked and manned would be prohibitive.  But we are confident these problems can be resolved satisfactorily.  This should be an opportunity for venture capitalists and other investors to see a significant return on their investment.

Not bad for something I just hammered out.

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